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Statement from Deloitte, 6th November.

Important update on gift cards.

Following our appointment as Administrators to Comet at 4:30pm on Friday 2nd November, it was necessary to temporarily suspend the acceptance of gift cards as a means of payment in order to allow the Joint Administrators time to assess the financial position of the company and collate information about the quantity, value and nature of gift cards in circulation.

Having now had the opportunity to do so, we are very pleased to inform Comet customers that the Company will be able to accept gift cards which have been purchased and paid for in full by members of the public. We are also pleased to announce that the Company will be able to accept and honour gift cards issued on behalf of the charity Family Fund.

At this stage, it is necessary to maintain the temporary suspension on gift cards which have been issued to people on behalf of a corporate customer, for example by insurers, pending clarification from the relevant providers as to whether Comet has received payment in full for these cards.

We recognise that the temporary suspension of gift cards has caused concern and anxiety to those customers affected. In the short time available since our appointment the Administrators have worked urgently to bring clarity to this matter, while at the same time stabilising the business and seeking a buyer. We are very grateful to customers for their patience in allowing us time to properly assess the situation.

Neville Kahn

Joint Administrator


To help you understand whether your gift card is now being accepted instore, please use the following guidelines:

Accepted Cards from 3rd December


Comet gift cards



Comet gift vouchers



Comet branded gift cards purchased in another store




Non-accepted cards

We are currently unable to accept the following cards and SMS vouchers. The Administrators are urgently reviewing the position regarding these cards and vouchers and will clarify the position in due course.

Family Fund gift cards are no longer being accepted in store, as of 3rd December. This is in full agreement with Family Fund.